Dataflash logging and performance


I just read the documentation on dataflash logging. Something that’s not so clear to me, is how the dataflash logging affects the performance, and how I can check if I enabled too much logging. Can someone explain this in a bit more detail and tell me how to check for too much logging?

Hi bds,
The easy way is simply to observe performance, if it actually starts getting twitchy or mushy in response, you can turn off one or more log modes and see if it gets better.
IMU is a big one as it is performed frequently, so you are better just turning it on when you want to look at raw accel values for vibration or some other direct use then turn it back off.
Sorry this is just a qualitative answer and you can probably see it in rate of response in the logs themselves, but there is no set measure (that I know of) and mostly you can check to see if you see a difference in performance.