Dataflash Log from Pixhawk has Time Skips

The title says it all. I downloaded a log file from a 3DR X8 flying Pixhawk, and the log has weird time skips. All kinds of values skip around like time, altitude, and GPS coords. Is this a problem with the log downloader? Thanks!

I am having the exact same problem. Also the logs see to end before the end of the flight. I’ve been removing the flash card from the PixHawk and reading the logs from the card. Defnitely a download issue.

Thanks mprince, I’m not crazy! Does removing the card to download fix the problem? If so, how easy is that to do?

I already sent the copter off with its trainees, and I don’t want them to run into this problem in the future. I was able to dowload just fine from this copter’s sister copter: an identical 3DR X8 running Pixhawk.

this is a problem with AC 3.1.2

please get the bin file off the sd card directly


just remove the top shell of the IRIS and you will see the micro SD card in one end of the Pixhawk flight computer. Take it out, drop it into the adapter that came with the IRIS and plug it into any SD card reader slot.