Dataflash log browser isn't filtering correctly

I’m running MP 1.3.1, build 1.1.5229.30673 and am having issues doing filtering of dataflash logs in the log browser. I’ve used this feature quite often in the past, but for the past few MP updates it’s not been working as it should.

When I right click on the top row the usual dropdown filter box appears. If I select either of the first two items from the options, FMT or PARM, then filter, it works as it always has. No problem. But if I select anything else from the dropdown box, like GPS, ATT, CTUN, etc, it doesn’t work. There’s either no filtering at all, or something weird happens.

For example, if I select GPS, no apparent filtering occurs at all. But if I select MODE, It shows the first 11 FMT rows, then deletes every row after row 11. Very weird. When I select Cancel, it does restore the data display as it always has.

I just tried the filter as well. Same problem, no filtering. I have a new airframe that needs tuning and vibration analysis so I’m trying to learn ho to use the dataflash logs.

No filtering of any relevance.

please try the latest beta MP.
help > update beta

Yes!! And it’s now back to acting like it should. Thanks! I use the filter feature a lot for analyzing logs and really missed it.