Data throughput to MinimOSD silent?

Hi I also am having a headache with my minimOSD showing a fantastic crisp and clear overlay on my fatshark camera and a ground_station screen 6’’ But! after trying several different OSD versions Minim1.9 and 2.0 also MinimOSD_Extra and a few versions of APM firmware from 2.5.1 to the latest 3.2 and also trying the serial mods from the wiki on OSD_Extras wiki I can get an Mavlink heartbeat on the screen but the data just is not forthcoming?
I’m using a V config frame with 980Kv Sunnyskys Slim 20 amp Afro esc’s with control by APM 2.6 with U-blox GPS/Compass 3DR radios 915Mhz and a 3DR Power Module Spectrum AR6200 rx and DX8 tx
The Mission Planner readout on the startup terminal readout is saying that the MavLink Interface is requesting all the Data Streams but is saying "lost pkts new seqno 1 through to 255 bps 34 loss 14 left mem 78.166015"
and then repeats almost line for line except the last number changes for about 12 lines then gets another statement from the voice girl and then repeats again.and still the mavlink heartbeat on the OSD keeps winking at me!!!
It’s taken me about a week of trolling the forums to get this OSD working with the 915Mhz 3DR radios on the split cable and I have run out of options.I was reading up on how to diagnose logs and thought I’d try to get some advice in this most battery consuming matter.
I so hope someone can come up with a fix as I have yet to fly this bird ! but I love the concept so much and it is brilliant that I can communicate with it from PC while I am looking where I’m flying and I’m getting a might excited at the thought of it being so close yet so far!.
Thanks to all who may be able to help me in this crises.posting.php?mode=reply&f=100&t=10270#
Cheers from JCinAuz

Have resolved my problem with a buffer chip and a reversal of the apm tx/rx wires for the telementry output port( Y cable was pinned wrong) but the chip gave it life and data horahhh