Data Logging

My equipment:
Arduflyer V2.5 (APM 2.5 compatible)
Ublox GPS, CN-06
RCTimer 915Mhz Telemetry (3DR compatible)
Firmware: Arduplane V2.76

I am creating a spreadsheet with Telemetry (tlog) variables including description, units, etc. Also dataflash logs. Does this already exist?

I need to record (log) analog input values. Do I need to modify the firmware? I do not see analog values in tlog or dataflash logs.

In MissionPlanner you can set the telemetry datarates for Attitude, Position, Mode/Status, RC, and Sensor areas. Which of the 160 variables corresponds to each of the 5 datarate areas?

Desired: Logging of Analog inputs as option in mission planner

In website for APM:Plane/ Instructions/ Mission Planning & analysis/ Downloading and Analyzing Data Logs/ 6 Message Details (APM:Copter specific). Love the information, but it aint what I got. Can we get a APM:Plane specific version?

I want to ask how to log the data of real time altitude in which i need a program to log the altitude and display it on the osd screen when i release one of my servo connected with apm2.6.
My task is to show the altitude i.e logged in the memory but real time on screen when i drop the package by using servo…So in general i want to know which pins are related with barometer so i can configure that pin with my servo also to get the desired altitude when the same servo is activated by radio or any xeebee device.
SO please help me out with this as early as possible.

i configured osd using ftdi cable and connected to apm2.6 via usb but i am getting no output on display except video. It is showing NO Mav Data on screen.
So what is the problem? :confused: