data log rate and connecting an external sensor


I am a mechanical engineering student in the hobby of rc planes and lately I started a project, in that project I plan on using the pixhawk cube black + HERE 2 GPS.

i have a few questions that i couldn’t find the answer to anywhere and love if you could help me, maybe it’s because my knowledge in electronics is very basic so far.

  1. what is the data rate at which the pixhawk and GPS record the data and if it’s possible to control that speed? i.e can I decide what is the rate that the speed is being recorded?

2)At some point in the project I would need to attach a pump to the system, and I would like to know the pressure in the pump, can I attach a pressure sensor to the pixhawk to measure it? If so, how can i do that? is the i2c port or GPS port a good option? How can I configure it in mission planner?

3)Can I program the ardupilots code? similar to coding arduino? or is it a closed code?

thank you very much in advance, any help would be highly appreciated!

  1. GPS is typically logged at between 5 an 10Hz. Other sensors use other speeds. Yes it is possible to control it by changing the code.

  2. Yes, you can attach sensors to it. You will need to develop a device driver for it. You need to read the developer documentation, and change and/or add code to the autopilot itself, not mission planner.

  3. Of course you can. The code is fully open and there is developer documentation.