Data link with telemetry and control 50-100 km range


I’m working with a company which develops and manufacture large drones (quadcopter, 6x6 m). I’m currently looking around for a reliable medium to long range datalink with the requirements below. Due to regulations and recent ban of DJI in the US, we can’t use Chinese manufacturers.

  • Range: 60-100 km (or longer)
  • Data: Telemetry, Control
  • Video (optional)

I am looking for something in the more “premium” segment than for example RFD. Somewhere between a Silvus and RFD link.

Thankful for any replies. Have a nice day.

What did you end up finding?
Interested to hear your thoughts.

I have used doodle labs radios with a lot of success. they can run both vid and telem and their mesh rider software is great with lots of development behind it. There are also some from uavionix that I have heard are good for telem and they are developing a radio network for UAS systems kind of like the Verizon of UAS. I have also heard of folks using the microhard radios. I only have experience with doodle labs and I really like them they also conform to the blue uas standard. They only downside is getting your hands on them right now. Have had an order back ordered for almost 4 months now. if you do buy a bunch hahaha!

uAvionix, we can do the range no problem. We support telemetry only, and have a system we will FAA certify too. here is a good description of what our sysytem can do.