Data flash file creation

Hello everyone, I am having problems with the creation of flash data, it is not being created in each mission and if it is created it will have strange dates

Someone told me that the GPS is the one who updates the time of the pixhawk, my question is if not a GPS I can not have data flah? or is there any way to fix that ??

The only other way is to have a companion computer setup that sends a SYNC_TIME message. I think our APSync images for RPI might have that enabled but I’m not completely sure. Most autopilots don’t have a real-time clock is the issue.

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If I understand this topic and your previous one, you are confusing the dates with file creation.

The actual file names are just sequentially numbered (1.bin, 2.bin, etc). Mission Planner attempts to help organize them by giving you the creation date, which, in your case, is useless.

No matter the date, the file will still be created for each session.

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Thanks for your answer, so if it is not the date, what could be preventing them from being believed in each mission? maybe some parameter that I should check?

With default settings, anytime you arm the vehicle, a log should result. If you want logs regardless of arming state, set LOG_DISARMED=1.