Data_autotune_reached_limit message

I conducted a 3-axis auto-tune today - it was a nice calm day, and the auto-tune appeared normal - taking about 12 minutes.

Looking at the log file, I noticed that there were two messages in the MavLink messages during the YAW tuning phase: data_autotune_reached _limit

There are a couple of other message threads here that mention this error - but I didn’t see anything helpful.

I’m not sure if the limit is in software - perhaps an addressing limit - or hardware - perhaps a memory limit.

I’m going to repeat auto-tune to see if it re-occurs. And to see if I can improve the PID’s. From a subsequent test flight, I think the PID’s from this auto-tune are a little too agressive.

Thanks for any comments. And if the DEVs are looking for examples of this - I hope it’s helpful.

try doing only two axis instead of all three in one go.

Thank you Amilcarlucas -

That sounds like there bugs or limitations in the auto-tune routines. I’d be interested to know if @rmackay9 has this situation identified.

If it’s a limitation, not a bug, then users would benefit from having that limitation explained in the wiki. If it’s a bug - then as long as the DEV’s know about it, I’m sure it will be addressed at the appropriate time.

As info - I repeated the auto-tune, and it set lower pitch and roll PID’s - which is what I’d hoped for. My test flight after the first auto-tune showed that the PID’s were too aggressive in pitch and roll - especially in the fast segment of landing.

The second auto-tune only generated a single data_autotune_reached_limit message. But the yaw twitches appeared irregular. (not “twitchy” enough)

My test flight after the second auto-tune showed much better PID’s - and greater stability in steady flight. Still room for improvement though.

The fast segment of landing is still problematic.

Here’s a video: Landing phase - demonstrating fewer oscillations after second auto tune. - YouTube

Today I’ll do a third auto-tune, and do each axis individually. I’ll report back with the results.