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Dashware Log Overlay Help

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Hey guys,

Ive seen some awesome things done with log overlays on video. I assume these are done using Dashware. I’ve spent an entire weekend trying to figure out Dashware. And have hit a few roadblocks. I would not mind contributing to the forum and writing up a proper guide if I can get some help.

My biggest issues are:

These two pages having the same content, when the parameters are different. Plane logs, Copter logs, as well as them not matching reality. as noted by:

And, GAUGES, If anyone can contribute gauges they have working. That would be a HUGE help.

Log Conversion methods: Integrated in Mission Planner or Python Script. I believe these are accomplishing the same thing.
There is also this method which seems outdated

Here are examples of these guys awesome work:

Any contributions to getting this working would be greatly appreciated.

I got my informations from here:
Dashware Profile

Dashware Forum

Forum von Langschwert

Video Tutorial (Link von David)

My be a weekend is not sufficient?

Fair enough. Thanks for the leads.

Some great new work for DashWare with Ardupilot logs:

To get started also checkout the basic intro:

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