DashWare Ardupilot Support

I got interested in DashWare for some of my FPV videos and was disappointed to find that ArduPilot was not natively supported in the provided data log conversion profiles and that what was available here and there was sadly out of date. So I updated the required elements and updated a basic set of HUD style gauges for Plane and Copter. Here is an example: https://youtu.be/mdaCKloMmdU of a takeoff and transition of my MiniTalon QuadPlane (view in HD)

If interested in using or want to contribute your own gauge set, the repo is here :https://github.com/Hwurzburg/ArduPilot_Dashware



Oh, is that incredible.

Thanks for the hard work!

I had attempted a few years back when I got my Solo, but I was way over my head.


A year or more ago I’ve asked Michael Oborne to provide a suitable log export compatible with DashWare, and that is part of MP for quite some time :wink:
You just managed to cross the last barrier for a easier usage of Dashware. Congrats :slight_smile:

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Actually, that support had a bug in it…which was discovered as I was learning this stuff …and Michael and Mark W. quickly fixed it…

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thanks Luis Saijin…there is kind of a step by step I posted here :https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=44034257&postcount=16371

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Fantastic! Thanks for your work on this. I remember this being a huge PITA when I was messing around with it, and there was a lot of broken stuff.

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Thanks for your work on this

Great work, thanks for the step by step! I’m looking forward to new gauges!

my fork for ardupilot 4.1 and EKF3

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I used Dashware with the Log for a long time. And now restarting again with ArduPlane the new FW 4.1.7 produce a Log which is no more compatible with the Data Structure of Dashware.
Dashware with Data Export from MissionPlanner is no more as easy as it was.
I made a video to show why. My be someone can help.

many log messages changed in 4.1…I started trying to fix them, but have been too busy

Alexeys PR pending against my repo to update some more, but its only metric and very specific to his needs, I want to find some time to update it more generically

also DashWare has not been updated in a long time…it does not work well any more with large log files or HD video…pity

Thanks for the quick answer. Yes, time is rare in this hobby.
I use mostly videos in Full HD (1080i, 60fps)

Do you mean less Log groups (smaller .csv file) would be recommended to avoid this crazy Gauge reactions?

I read your Wiki. You wrote that Distance to home is not available. So far, I used NTUN.Dist for this.
You recommend a formula to calculate this, I assume this is to edit the .csv File in Excel.
Working with exporting edited files when I save a .csv file, it produces semicolons instead of commas. And it was needed to edit this in a following data sheet.
Do you know how to force Excel to export .csv separating characters as commas?

Sorry do not use EXCEL…Libre Office

There is a SaveAs Type selection for that…

Thanks for answering. Yes, I know.
And there is: Other Formats and its possible to select 3 different .CSV under FileType.
But nowhere to finde a selection which character ( , or ; ) is used to separate the data.
The semicolon is used.

And to “repair” this by import the .CSV File (with semicolons) and select “no separation”.
Now the semicolon is an editable character which I replace it with exchange by commas.
Then the file is saved again as .CSV. And so the comma is written because it’s a Character and not a Cell separation.
Using old Excel for student 2007 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Still hoping that @hwurzburg has time to upgrade the Dashware Converter in MissionPlanner.


This looks good but my Version is different
Trennzeichen means delimiter, also a general description.
May be it’s defined somewhere in a setup.

VBA Macro then.

i found this bug too.
Now i convert one log to 2 csv files
Second contains XKF1;XKF2