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DashWare Ardupilot Support

I got interested in DashWare for some of my FPV videos and was disappointed to find that ArduPilot was not natively supported in the provided data log conversion profiles and that what was available here and there was sadly out of date. So I updated the required elements and updated a basic set of HUD style gauges for Plane and Copter. Here is an example: of a takeoff and transition of my MiniTalon QuadPlane (view in HD)

If interested in using or want to contribute your own gauge set, the repo is here :



Oh, is that incredible.

Thanks for the hard work!

I had attempted a few years back when I got my Solo, but I was way over my head.


A year or more ago I’ve asked Michael Oborne to provide a suitable log export compatible with DashWare, and that is part of MP for quite some time :wink:
You just managed to cross the last barrier for a easier usage of Dashware. Congrats :slight_smile:

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Actually, that support had a bug in it…which was discovered as I was learning this stuff …and Michael and Mark W. quickly fixed it…

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thanks Luis Saijin…there is kind of a step by step I posted here :

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Fantastic! Thanks for your work on this. I remember this being a huge PITA when I was messing around with it, and there was a lot of broken stuff.

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Thanks for your work on this

Great work, thanks for the step by step! I’m looking forward to new gauges!

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