Dangerous - tailsit twin-engine fixed-wing auto-acceleration when switching modes

I use a fixed-wing aircraft with a conventional layout and turn on the vertical takeoff mode (the model is a great white shark). Then set up the aircraft according to the vertical takeoff and landing method of tailsit.

I found that after arming, if the aircraft is level on the ground (normal fixed wing flight attitude). When switching from FBWA mode to QSTABILI mode, even if the throttle is 0, the aircraft will automatically throttle for about 1 second, and this phenomenon can be reproduced. This can cause the plane to slide some distance on the ground, potentially causing cuts to the propeller if anyone is in front of it. Both FBWA and QSTABILI should be signals directly output from RC to the throttle.
Do you need to add a function to judge whether the aircraft is flying or on the ground, if it is judged to be on the ground, it will not automatically refuel when the mode is switched?

this is the video

tailsit.param (27.1 KB)

yes this is current behaviour for TVBS tailsitters…if you wish to VTOL from the ground, arm in a VTOL mode…or use Q_OPTION bit 18