Dangerous behavior

I’m green here, so please bear with me.
I am running a cube 3.5.3 with the Here GNSS on a S550, turnigy i10 with telem kit.
I’ve got it in the air now, but when I get to about 10ft it errors and spins uncontrollably. It doesn’t really try to fly away, but is unresponsive as if it went into failsafe. Where should I start guys.

The starting point is to read up on the strings you have here

When you post a question about flight issues you need to include a log file from the cube.
That too is explained in the documents.

What mode were you in?
What is the copter, quad, hex, octane?
Details please?

For anyone to determine what is wrong we need as many details as you can give.

Yes, absolutely.
I always arm in stabilize, and it’s a S550 hex.
I tried to RTL when it freaked, it didn’t do anything. I have verified that my modes are correct. I tried to catch the error before shutting down but it wouldn’t connect until I rebooted the hex.
This is my first build, so I’m still learning MP.
I will see if I can figure how to post my logs, what logs would you need?

The dataflash logs. Not having a required GPS lock can cause the aircraft to RTL.