DALRC Engine 4in1 and Pixhawk px4 don't like each other

Hello everyone,

I have a problem convincing a pixhawk px4 and dalrc engine 4in1 ESC to speak to each other.
From the sounds coming through the motors it looks like the ESC is powered, but does not receive a valid signal. The ESC comes with blheli_32 firmware and is brand new, as the pixhawk. I set the MOT_PWM_TYPE to 2, as the ESC is capable of receiving oneshot125 signals, but the motors are still not spinning up on anything.

What could be wrong? Is this related to the problems people had using emax ESCs? How do I fix this?

blheli_32 should be able also to work with regular PWM signal. Did you tried that?

Yes, I tried both mode 0 and mode 2

hook up the rx directly to the esc and see if it really does work.

They do work perfectly fine when connected directly to the receiver. When one is connected to the receiver, it emits the three tone greeting, a lower pitched tone indicating its receiving a pwm signal and a higher pitched indicating that its safe to arm now (only when the pwm signal is set to lower minimum). All motors whose ESCs are connected to the pixhawk only emit the three tone greeting - but nothing more.

Have you pressed or disabled the safety switch? Without that the Pixhawk might not send a signal.

Thanks @Desuetude, that was it! Working now just fine.