Daiwa winch not working - "PreArm: Winch Unhealthy". Documentation/drivers outdated for current units?

So i’ve set up the daiwa winch according to the documentation: Daiwa Winch — Copter documentation

I have control over the winch itself through the radio, but there’s no telemetry coming in through the serial port. I’ve checked the mavlink inspector and there’s no data coming through on the winch_status message.

I’ve used an FTDI converter and viewed the serial line. Going through the baud rates, the 115200 baud rate reports jumbled data, only 38400 baud rate reports any discernable data that reports to the winch moving.

^The serial line on 115200, or anything else.

^The serial line on 38400.

The problem is, even with the 38400 baud rate on serial2, theres still no data over mavlink. Is there any ideas?

Fixed this. Confirmed with the manufacturer that 38400 was the correct baud rate.

pull request: Fix baud rate handling in AP_Winch_Daiwa by ohitstarik · Pull Request #23084 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

The old code would force a baud rate of 115200 which would lead to ardupilot not detecting the winch. I believe when the code was initially written the correct baud rate was 115200, and the manufacturer just changed it over time.

With old code:

New code and serialx_baud set to 38400

New code and serialx_baud set to anything other than 38400

instead of just changing the code to force 38400, i removed it altogether to let serialx_baud handle the baud rate in case the manufacturer changed it again in the future.