CW motors use more output than CCW in Loiter Mode


Motors 1, 3,6 need more output than 2,4,5 on Loiter Mode,

i just changed

  • 4 & 5 motor+esc
  • updated from 4.2 .
  • replaced all props with new ones

ive checked the balance of the copter(with batt on) and center of mass is almost perfect .

Why do i get this ? and how can i fix it ?
log :

Thank you for your time,

check if all the motors are aligned in the same plane… looks like your copter is trying to fight some inherent yaw.

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Thank you @vishvesh ,

i had 2 motor mounts a bit twisted on the carbon tube/arm this is before and after motor 5 & 6

It seems i can further fine tune this