CW Motors Overheat While CCW Motors Stay Cool

I’m new to APM and Mission Planner and am trying to get my multi dialed-in, but after only 5 minutes of hover attempts [at about 45% throttle] both of my CW-rotating motors (3 & 4) get so hot you can’t touch them, while the CCW motors remain cool. According to the Mission Planner logs, the outputs of motors 3 and 4 are double that of motors 1 and 2. Consequently, motors 3 and 4 quickly overheat (see attached log/screenshot below).

All calibrations have been re re re re re-run. ESCs, radio, accelerometers, compass, and everything appears to be balanced — fore-aft CG, props, etc. — yaw seems stable, I even disassembled the motors, balanced the bells, lubricated the shafts and bearings with EPIC oil for electrics (note that these motors are new and have less than 15 minutes run time on them).

To make matters worse, This is only the third real attempt to get a stable hover but I can’t quite get there from here. I still require manual input on the Tx of about 5% right roll and 5% up pitch for it to behave as well as it does in the video. I’d love for it to be rock steady but I’m not sure know how to get there and with two overheating motors there’s no way I’m going to attempt to fly outdoors. I have an email in to HK tech support but no reply yet.

Video is here: [youtube][/youtube]

Any ideas? Thanks!

Disregard this post. Now it’s looking like an ESC issue.

Hi, did you have any success on that? I`m facing the same problem, the motor are getting overheat easily. Some PIDS problem?


I have a 3dr Y6, so I would like to know if make the changes to the default PIDS will solve my problem.


PIDs won’t be causing motors to overheat. If your motors are really overheating, it is probably a problem with the motor, motor wires or ESC, or the props are on upside-down.

What makes you think your motors are overheating? Do you have a log or can you look at your current consumption in a hover?