Customized Warnings

I’m trying to create a warning message and / or aural alert in the case of an engine failure. My indicators for this would be:

Throttle Channel (Ch3) at its max value AND altitude is decreasing AND airspeed is not greater than value X (thus trying to rule out a dive to reach an airspeed)

I have been through the warning’s generator, and can achieve each of these individually, but can’t figure a way to trigger them conditionally.

Any thoughts appreciated.


Use the + mark on the right, this adds a child condition, which is in AND relation to the parent.
You can add as many child as you want.

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Thank you Andras !! If I can figure out how to show a steady decrease in altitude, this will solve my problem. I’m half way there !! Thank you.


A small plugin can do wonders.

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I have made warning plugin following your advice, several weeks ago.

Thank you.