Custom Simulator Integration

Hi there, I’m new to the Ardupilot world so please be gentle :slight_smile:
I’m trying to connect Arducoptor to a custom simulator and I’m having some difficulty.
I’m using the last_letter and Gazebo integrations as inspiration, and connecting the simulator to Ardupilot over UDP.
I have managed to send servo commands from ardupilot to my simulator.
I’m now struggling with sending sensor messages the other direction.
What is the minimum sensor information will Arducopter need to work, and what are the units/reference frames for these values?
Is this information documented anywhere?

You can try the
developed by @mkral
It looks very promissing

Thanks Eugene. I’ll take a look if I can get my hands on a license.
How have you been getting on with it?
Does it also work with ArduPlane?