Custom Sensor Integration and Monitoring

I have been searching day for a straight forward solution or at least a clear starting point for my project.
I want to sample some custom sensors… My sensors are being sampled and processed via a separate Arduino board. Then I can send the sensor data using ADC Channels, Serial, I2C , etc. I want to sent this values to Pixhawk. Create a mavlink message for them and then I can monitor the values in Qgroundcontrol analyze plot and data monitoring as MY_SENSOR_1…
I also want to include them in the log file stored in SD card…
Can you please help me where to start and what resources are out there?

its possible with scripting to read in from a serial port and save to SD card, sending back over mavlink requires a little more effort, but is not too tricky to add.

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You have to create Mavlink messages in your arduino and send them via the flight controller (which acts as a mavlink router) to gcs. You can log on the ground…

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Hey! Andras Schaffer
Thank you for your suggestion, can you please suggest me the parameter setup required for this. It will be good for me if you can elaborate this procedure in mode detail.

Dude, that was three years ago. Now you can do all from scripting. Including reading I2c sensors or serials. Look into for inspiration and examples.

My goal is to monitor remaining liquid in my tank mounted on my agriculture drone. Can’t I just connect fw sensors at different levels of tank and using Arduino generate message (Like 10L left, 5L left, 2L left)to log on ground?