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Custom programming for tilt rotor

I posted this previously in the plane forum not knowing about this wanted job section…

Hi my name is leonny, I like long walks on the beach and dinner with old pals. I am currently working on a tilt rotor Y6 similar to the firefly6. I hope to hire someone to help with some finishing touches. The guys who did all the previous work for me had me wait months only to let me know that they are now too busy to help at all… real nice of them. I am willing and happy to pay well for someone to help. I am using a pixhawk and I need my already custom firmware modified to include the following…

1- I need the rudder to be enabled in hover modes q_stab and q_loiter.
2- I need a new flight mode I call “slow forward flight” it’s like q_stab but with a parameter to set the front rotors to tilt a few degrees forward so the craft can hover in a forward direction.

That’s it. If your interested please let me know. Hope to hear from someone. Thanks in advance!

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