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Custom Peripheral device using AP_Periph

Hello there,

I wanted to build my custom peripheral to attach to a Serial port of Ardupilot with the following capability:

  1. Serial Support
  2. Firmware Upgrade Support
  3. PWM Out Support from the Peripheral

For this purpose I wanted to use AP_Periph as mentioned in the link:
According to this we can create our own custom peripheral using ardupilot codebase.
I could not find any example or a procedure to do so.
Also is the AP_Periph a stable running project or is it obsolete now?
If it is running project, may someone guide me on how to create a custom peripheral.

It is a very active project. You already found the documentation for it.

Multiple boards are supported and tested regularly:

More docs here:

And there is an Ardupilot AP_periph discord chat channel.

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