Custom parameter settings needed on fresh install?

So I decided to do a fresh install of 3.5 rc4 and start from scratch. Everything is done except tuning. This is a Y6 (Sky Hero 750). It’s been almost 3 years, but the original maiden flight was a nightmare until Leonard/Rob L gave me some settings to make it flyable for autotune. As AC has changed so much, I’ve noticed the copter doesn’t fly as well as it used to given that several parameters were changed and subsequent AC versions have drastically changed (EKF etc.). It’s very far removed from original setup. That’s the reason I’m starting from square one.

My question is, are there custom settings recommended for large Y6 copters, or larger birds in general that have been shown to improve their flight characteristics? It seems I recall discussion of that at DIY forum.

Or, has AC evolved to the point of expectations of minimal custom settings to achieve a reasonably good flying machine after the first autotune.

Example: AUTOTUNE_AGGR was at one time a major setting to consider changing. Is that still the case?

I’m planning on doing some neat stuff this year with all the options available, but first want to get a refresher course in the fast advancement of AC development.


What version of AC were you on before? If 3.3x, you should reduce all prior PID values by 15-20%. There was a change from radians to centi degrees from 3.3 to 3.4. So your old PID numbers from 3.3 will be too high. The defaults really won’t help you so work off your old values.