Custom no fly zone

Is it possible to set up a no fly zone in Mission Planner ? Geo Fence is great to confine the drone to fly within a 3D space but it would be great if we can upload a custom no fly zone so our drone will NEVER fly into those area.

this would require modifications to the autopilot firmware as well. this would need to happen first


I read in log changes something like this:

Mission Planner 1.3.47 - 29-4-2017 Updating No-Fly zones in Portugal (#1522) Update No-Fly Zones in Portugal, including absolute restrictions in Lisbon Update No Fly maps for Portugal

Is this measns MP support no-fly zones for other countries also?

edited: is there any import format or API allows to add country restrictions to MP

MP just uses kml files for the no fly zones

Michael , is they any manual how to upoad those kml files into Mission Planner? I found only one link named “View KML” on Flight Plan tab. When I click view file link i can download only “network.kml” which looks like xml file.

just place a kml file in the MP\NoFly\ directory. and Mp will display it.

Dear Michael,

We have to do aerial mapping in airport area for reconstruction airport terminal, when we set our plane (use ardupilot on skywalker body frame) to auto mode, thortle off immediately, could you suggest us how we can fly for NoFlyZone area?

Additional we have license from our government to do aerial mapping on the area. My email