Custom MAVLink message window

Hello, i’m doing some customizing to the 2.76 version of ArduPlane (with ardupilot 2.5) version to create a different landing sequence and some other things for my masters thesis. For this a full feedback of all the MAVLink messages sent from the ardupilot would be desired for debugging purposes. However I can’t seem to find this as an option in the current release of MissionPlanner.

This is the reason as to why i’m posting this. I’ve downloaded the source code for MP and started to look around as to how to add a window with all the MAVLink messages sent between MP and the ardupilot. And in case I don’t figure it out myself I would post this for hints as to where to begin (as MP is quite a large project and would take some time to really understand it).

So basically; Is there a quick way to add a window to MP with the job of show all MAVLink communication? There does not have to be any additional functionality except that.

best regards, Christoffer

you could
goto help > tick show console windows > restart mission planner
goto mp config screen > down bottom left tick mavlink debug.