Custom map source only displaying image that was meant to be overlayed


I’ve been trying to overlay an image of the floor plan for a specific building onto the mission planner map. After using a combination of google earth image overlay, and the tutorial that Michael Oborne made at, I was able to succesfully inject that image into mission planner. I am able to see my image in mission planner’s map when I select “inject GE” and then change the map source to “Custom”. However, it seems that the image is the only image on the entire map, as everything else is white. The airports are still there, but the only image that is visible is the one that I injected. I have been trying with no avail for hours to resolve this issue. I was wondering if I am missing something obvious. Thanks in advance for any help!

it is working as it was designed.

the idea was for a user to provide there own aerial photo’s over a large area. or just the internals of a building, and nothing else that was not relevant

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