Custom/derived Variable in the HUD


I am new with APM and I was wondering if there is a way to display a custom variable in the HUD. By custom variable/parameter, I mean a variable derived from another variable. For instance, airspeed*3.6. The idea is to display a parameter in a different set of units or to output something that does not get measured directly such as Cl.

Thank you


you can draw anything in the status tab, but cant scale/modify anything

I too, am looking for this option, also basically for having different measurement units, specifically having DistToHome etc. in nautical miles. So I was looking at possibly editing the config file to somehow have other options besides just km and ft as distance options.

Will there be other measurement units brought out for this? - can we not get an option for getting raw units from mission planner, set them through some strings/algorythms and then display them on the HUD??