Custom Carrier Board - What to look out for?

I’m working on a custom carrier board for the Pixhawk v2.1 Cube and am interested in hearing from the community about others’ experiences with this process and tips about the implementation you may have.

I also have a couple of questions about the standard carrier as well. On the bottom is a secondary PCB that has a LTC4417 power rail prioritization IC on board.

  • Is this circuit doing any more than prioritizing voltage rails for the power supply redundancy?
  • Out of curiosity, what was the driving factor for choosing a castellated design for this circuit?

Input from @proficnc and the community as a whole is much appreciated. Thank you.

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I’m available for consultation on hardware design work, that’s how I actually get paid :slight_smile:

The power selection module is critical in ensuring the correct power is available to the autopilot.

It also manages power to the peripherals, and contains the buzzer amplifier

It’s done with castelations to make it easier for people to use.