Custom CAN node, compass not detected

Hi, I have made a node using STM32F103CBT6 with ublox M8N GPS connected to UART1 & MMC5983MA to SPI1, and have been receiving GPS packets on DroneCAN GUI Tool, but my compass is not getting detected.
I have made a new hwdef.dat file with the help of the following:
Can someone help me with this?

Share link to your branch or create a PR with changes.

Hi @Mallikarjun_SE

I made some changes in my hwdef.dat file for my custom CAN node and was able to detect the compass MMC5983MA, as an external device.

Currently, I am facing an issue, wherein my GPS Packets go from 5.0Hz to 0.0Hz as soon as I connect my Compass (MMC5983MA) to the custom node.

Attaching my hwdef.dat file along with the snippets for better understanding.

hwdef.dat.txt (4.0 KB)

Can you please look into this?