Current Total not displaying correctly

I noticed in several different logs from different craft (all Pixracers running Copter 4.1.0-dev) that the Current Total value displayed is not correct. Voltage and current is but not mah. Telemetry back to my radio is correct and using another log viewer shows it correct also. Latest beta MP.

Note: oddly APM Planner shows nothing when Current Total is selected. Something in Master perhaps doing this?

can you post the log in question?

Yea, here you go. More characters.

The units are Ampere-seconds now, I think. Previously the units were shown as “unknown”, but were equivalent to mAh. I made a small tweak to the logging code to get the units to show up in the logs a few weeks ago, and I’m pretty sure that’s what’s causing it. Here is a brief discussion of the change. It’s entirely possible I hosed something up.

Well that conversion works! I suppose that’s all I need to know. Thanks!

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No problem. I think most users prefer mAh, but almost all of the other units in the logs are SI units so I wanted to keep things consistent.

What software are you using to review your log? I like how you can plot three datasets and have a unique y-axis for each one.

i plan to add this to MP, seperate y axis/ one y axis per unit type. ive done it in mavlink logs, just not df logs yet

The new UAVLogViewer. Browser based.

Good for you with SI units! A pox on Imperial units. Unfortunately where I come from the last gasp is still not in sight.

Nice, looking forward to that.