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Current Status of TBS Crossfire and Mission Planner Telemetry Over Bluetooth

Hi everyone,

Hopefully this is a simple enough question, but I am considering investing in a TBS Crossfire. I am hoping to be able to combine the RC receiver and telemetry functionality into a single package thus eliminating the need for a separate telemetry radio.

I’ve tried doing some research, but unfortunately the information on TBS Crossfire + Ardupilot seems scarce, so before I purchase one, I just wanted to ask a few questions:

  1. Is TBS Crossfire compatible with Bluetooth telemetry in Mission Planner?

  2. Assuming it is, and it appears we use Mavlink here, this isn’t a unidirectional link is it? (I.e. can I still write/upload missions to the flight controller via the TBS Bluetooth connection?)

  3. I’ve heard reports of TBS Crossfire telemetry being slow- how true is this?

Anything else I should watch out for or be concerned about? Thanks in advance!


Before buying, ask TBS to add support for Mavlink 2.0. You will probably be unhappy without it. Some messages will not work at all.

Thanks for the reply @amilcarlucas. Good to know about Mavlink 2.0 not being implemented. Does that mean it does work (at least with Mavlink 1)? I don’t use my telemetry for anything extravagant, just monitoring my battery voltage and the like. I haven’t even flown an auto mission yet, but it would be nice to be able to upload a mission too.

I do not upload missions with it, so I can not tell. What I can tell is that it sucks that it does not support Mavlink 2.0

Other people should share their experiences with missions.

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I used it with great succes for couple years. uploading downloading over bluetooth no problem. both on copter and plane.

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thanks Jack

i am using it since 2 weeks. I like it as it is very integrated.
Time to time I loose the telemetry
Can you please post your setup (SR parameters in arduplane & TBS setup such as power)

It will be very appreciated


TBS i have DynamicPower On, max power 1W, bluetooth mavlink, 8ch only

You are welcomme!

it is much better.
Do you know if vario is available through mavlink (I have a taranis X9D/ pixhawk 4 mini) ?


Any news on TBS supporting Mavlink 2.0 ?

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