Current status of loiter_turns radius?

I saw there were some past issues about radius for loiter_turns - and I can’t quite make out the current status of the situation.

I have a mission using loiter_turns. There’s a column for “radius.”

Doing a parameter search for loiter_turns, I find the mission command:


and only one parameter is defined - “Turns”.

Over on Qgroundcontrol - only turns can be specified. Radius is not a field that can be input.

Does anyone know the current status of how this works? If it does work, should perhaps the documented parameters for MAV_CMD_NAV_LOITER_TURNS should be updated to include it?

Many thanks!

You can set the fields according to this.

You should use the latest 4.1.1 release. It fixed some bugs on that area.

Interesting - I don’t see a mention of it in the release notes.

Interesting - it’s a greyed-out parameter here:

My mistake, you did not mention the vehicle type and I assumed Copter.

Copter 4.1.x has some bugfixes on that area compared with Copter 4.0.x

My apologies - I was referring to copter - I posted the wrong release notes. I still don’t see any reference to fixes here:

Like I said you need to see the entire Release Notes of the 4.1.x series, including beta releases.

I thought I had - if I’ve found the wrong release notes - could you please post a link to the right one?

That is the correct file. The fix might not be documented in the release notes, but it is there.

Bottom line: Do not use ArduCopter 4.0.x and complain about bugs that got fixed in ArduCopter 4.1.x

Is in the release notes or not? You sound a bit confused.

No one is complaining.

The only way people can learn is to state their observations and ask questions.

The documentation is all anyone has to go on. If the documentation is wrong or not up to date - or is confusing - anyone would ask questions.

If you have information that’s not contained in the documentation that’s available to user base, I would encourage you to share it,

I think this is the only known bug: Copter: LOITER_TURNS command with zero radius uses radius of last time LOITER_TURNS command was executed · Issue #19028 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

Both Turns and Radius fields are respected.

The easiest way to confirm actions like this is just run it in the simulator. From Mission Planner it will be loading the latest Master/Dev version so there is the chance it will behave differently than latest stable but I think this would be a corner case. So try it and see what it does.

Note-I think I also saw a question about Auto Mission flight time? Run it in the simulator!

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