Current sensing 320 amps at 26v on Pixhawk

I am trying to use a pair of AttoPilot sensors to sense the amperage and voltage being drawn at 26 volts and peaking at 320 amps on an X8 frame. This is just the motors on the left side of the frame, assuming that 640 amps is going to be nearly impossible to read. I am wondering (and attempting to calculate) if two AttoPilot sensors can handle the amperage if I split the power in half as it enters the pair of sensors, read the values and then recombine the amperage on the exiting side of the sensors, or if there is a bigger, badder version of AttoPilot that could handle the whole amperage in one shot (320A). The entire X8 can draw 640 amps through the PDB if running full throttle, but the power wires are split left and right on the PDB. I can include more info (photos, videos, calcs) if someone starts a dialogue with me about this so we can figure this out.

I’ve been having great experiences with the Mauch Electronics power modules. Should fit what you are looking for and in my opinion much nicer than any of the atto board I’ve seen.