Current reading isn't working for some reason

The current reading on my pixhawk isn’t working anymore in Mission Planner

Looking at the logs of yesterday the current is being logged

What has changed
I changed to a T-Motor P50A 6S BLHeli 32 4in1 ESC. I didn’t look at the current reading when I installed the ESC so I don’t know if this happened when I installed the ESC and I don’t know if an ESC will cause this issue
I replaced the Runcam 2S split with a Caddx Ant camera

What has not changed for the past 2 months
I have not upgraded to the new firmware yet
I am still using the standard power module

I can’t remember if I upgraded Mission Planner in 2 months. The current version is 1.3.75 build 1.3.7893.12317 Arducopter V4.0.7 (0bb18a15)

This was my parameters 13 September. I know it worked at this point because it was showing ±600mA when I was running the Runcam Split 2s. When I load these parameters the current reading doesn’t work in Mission Planner.

When I changed the camera I remember posting it was only drawing about 150mA 14th of October it was still working.

This is the current parameter list

So I don’t know if I changed something in Mission Planner that I wasn’t supposed to change. This issue is on my laptop and on my PC. I doubt I would have made the same change on both computers because I normally use the laptop.

Do you mean the current reading from the existing power brick is not showing at all in mission planner?
I would do the beta updates and see if that fixes it. Your parameters look normal.
Do you mean the current is not showing in the “Quick” tab, or the “Status” tab or in the HUD?

Just putting this out there:
Be aware there’s a lot of the 4-in-1 ESCs that dont report current in the BLHELI telemetry data.
They only report total current via the single analogue current pin, and that would need to go to a battery current analogue input on the flight controller and be scaled accordingly.

I mean on this screen on Mission Planner

I went to fly just now and the current was showing up on my goggles so it is going through the OSD.

I went to the help screen and checked for updates. It seems no release version updates. I clicked on check for beta updates and it is loading something.

This is the latest beta version now. No change

I see the current ends up in the log file so at least we know it is there and it shows up in the OSD