Current Monitoring of individual O/Ps

This is my first post so please take it easy on me!!
I’m in the early design phase of an Unmanned boat, I’m looking to be able to view individual current draw of certain sensors. I haven’t been able to see any Power management boards which can do that…Any suggestions?
It would need to be able to read mA as I’m looking at switching bilge pumps, Nav lights etc which are running at between 60-120mA.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated even if it’s just a link to a part of the website…
Thanks in advance.

I believe support for this has just been added. I2C SMBUS INA3221 Triple Channel Shunt Current Power Supply Voltage Monitor Sensor Board Module Replace INA219 With Pins| | - AliExpress

Thanks geofrancis I’ll have a look.