Current Limiting Issue

To test the current limiting feature, I set up a test bench with a motor (with propeller in a test stand), a 20A ESC, a flight controller, an RC,
and a 4S 16.8V battery power supply. I configured the MOT_BAT_CURR_MAX parameter to 10A and MOT_THST_HOVER to 0.22.

Once the setup was complete, I increased the throttle using the RC transmitter to exceed 10A. According to the documentation, this should trigger the
current limiting feature, causing the current to be limited. While I observed changes in MOTB.ThlLimit, the current did not limit and remained at 14A,
despite setting the limiting current to 10A. I am not able to understand the impact of MOTB.ThlLimit. I tried this in both ALT_HOLD and STABILIZE modes but did not succeed.
I am unsure if I am performing the test correctly. Please correct me if my approach is incorrect and also which value should I see to observe the decrease in throttle and actual throttle input given? I have attached the log file of this.
9 1-1-1980 5-30-00 AM.bin (940 KB)

@amilcarlucas Can you please give some insights on this?

Looks like a bug to me.

@amilcarlucas Can you please tell me ideally what should happen? Should CTUN.Tho decrease to a percentage where the current is limited to MOT_BAT_MAX_CURRENT?

Yes, that is what should happen.