Current Flight Time

Is there a mavlink message that has the current flight time? Or what time the vehicle last took off so flight time could be calculated? I know these can be displayed in mission planner, but I’m using a c++ interface to drive the autopilot. I’m assuming mission planner just watches for the change to in-flight and then calculates flight based on that (since it only resets of you disconnect/reconnect mission planner)


Interesting read…may help you.MAVLINK_FOR_DUMMIESPart1_v.1.1.pdf (290.5 KB)

I didn’t see anything in there about flight time. I can send and receive mavlink messages no problem, upload missions, download missions, set params, etc.

Doesn’t look like MAVLINK supports that. I am not up to speed on MAVLINK yet.

Found this article about flight time. Looks like its an internal parameters.

Maybe via some script it can be sent via Mavlink. Not sure.

I don’t think MAVLINK provide such data

I don’t see any parameters. Not sure if you can read this parameter value STAT_FLTTIME remotely via Mavlink while in flight. That might be the only solution.

So how does MP and QGC do that? I don’t think they use internal timer, so maybe there is a way. Just need to find the answer.

Was also wondering about this the other day so I quickly took a glance at the code.

There seems to be a section which is updated every second and if the autpilot is armed AND the throttle is above 12% OR the ground speed is above 3m/s a variable (“timeInAir”) keeping the time (in seconds) is increased.
There is also a second variable which is increased, “timeSinceArmInAir” which is set to 0 as long as the autopilot is not armed.
Here is a screenshot of that snippet that gets updated every second:

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So it seems like MP actually keeps its own timer.
Nice finding and I was wrong (not the first time)