Current flight modes


Now that Flight Mode 8 - Position has disappeared I looked at the current sources for Master and I believe that the current (for how long) flight modes are:

        0 Stabilize
▪	1 Acro
▪	2 AltHold
▪	3 Auto
▪	4 Guided
▪	5 Loiter
▪	6 RTL
▪	7 Circle
▪	9 Land
▪	10 OF_Loiter
▪	11 Drift
▪	13 Sport
	14 Flip
	15 Autotune
	16 Hybrid

Problem is that these do not coincide with what’s at the wiki

that also lists FollowMe, Simple and SuperSimple Mode as Flight Modes (oh and still has Position (mode 8) listed)

IMHO, and related on the Mission Planner screen, both Simple and SuperSimple are FlightMode modifiers, and FollowMe is … (don’t know how to classify it)

Taking in consideration that lots of people are going to start using APM after the launch of the sub usd200 RTF quads (Cheerson and HK) from the East, I believe that some clarification might be appropriate.

Even today, some times, I have to resort to go looking at the source code to try to understand what some options really do. As an example:

On Mission Planner one can choose the 6 “Main” flight modes but what happens if the Simple and SuperSimple options are selected?? Does that mode stays permanently “Simple” or “SuperSimple” or only when the appropriate channel 7/8 option is selected?? If it is the later, why the need of those check boxes??

The modes listed in Master are not released yet. The modes listed on the page you reference are released.

Sorry Craig.

There are still discrepancies between wiki and release (Copter 3.1.5).

Please Craig don’t take me wrong. I can still go and look around trying to make sense of this, but a typical customer won’t have the patience to do it.

Confronted with those choices at the flight modes screen and no description what will he do ??

Also the question on the Simple and SuperSimple are IMHO relevant.

I don’t think I am getting you wrong.

Confronted with those choices at the flight modes screen and no description what will he do ??

The descriptions are hyper linked on

In general when first starting to use APM:Copter you should progress through the flight modes in the order listed below, being sure that you are comfortable with each before progressing to the next. Click on any of the flight modes below for more details.

The description include Simple and SuperSimple as well.

Sorry once more Craig.

Care to see why Simple /SuperSimple are confusing?

Simple” and “Super Simple” modes are used in combination with the Stabilize, Sport, Drift and Land flight modes.
Either mode can be assigned to a particular flight mode switch position or can be enabled/disabled from the Ch7/Ch8 switches.

And notice that I have assigned in this case Simple even to Loiter…

And where are the flight mode descriptions on that page for the ones I screenshoted below…