Current consumption Not displaying even correctly configured

Battery monitor configured correctly and working well in mission planner GCS including current consumption.
but why Qgcs is not showing current reading and showing only battery voltage including battery consumed mah along with battery percentage.

Any body have worked on this QGCS which showing current consuming which drone is flying?

Just came to the forums looking for information on how to view instantaneous current consumption. Used mAh is displayed, can’t see the actual current draw which I was going to use to check motor/ESC health on a second hand plane.

Long press the box of values in the kottpm centre of the screen. A pencil/edit button should appear. Press that, then the plus icon to get another data value. Press the new vslue with the model connected and there will be a popup to ddit the value. The catagory is something like batt0 and then the current should be in the type list.