Cubepilot, px4, ardupilot. Wich was first?

I was reading about the history of ardupilot on the web page, however nowadays we can see the cubepilot, which runs ap firmware, holybro px4, and auterion how is advertised as the next great thing after pixhawk… So who was first? What is the real history of the ardupilot project?

History of Ardupilot
Some of your other points are about hardware.

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And after the pixhawk what? From what I know there is pixhawk 2, cube, pixhawk 3….

they are just different designs, the numbers dont really mean anything they are more marketing than anything else.

In addition to reading Ardupilot’s history check out Dronecode Foundation. Ardupilot split from that several years ago but there is some hardware history there too. Interesting reading here:
Ardupilot and Dronecode

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I’ll check it then. Thx