CubeOrange+ with pi3 connection via Mavlink

Hello, forum users. I have a problem with slow data transfer via Mavlink to Raspberry. How can I connect to FC so that the speed is the highest possible available for my FC [The Cube Orange/+ With ADSB-In Overview — Copter documentation]
What other recommendations should I follow to increase the data transfer speed?

I also faced the problem that when I connect via the TELEM1 port to Raspberry, I get these logs

pi3@raspberrypi:~ $ --master=/dev/serial0 --baudrate 112500 --aircraft MyCopter
Connect /dev/serial0 source_system=255
no script MyCopter/mavinit.scr
Log Directory: MyCopter/logs/2023-11-07/flight4
Telemetry log: MyCopter/logs/2023-11-07/flight4/flight.tlog
Waiting for heartbeat from /dev/serial0
MAV> Detected vehicle 1:1 on link 0
online system 1
and no modes, no commands work (except status).

When connected via the built-in microUSB, the problem doesn’t arise. If you have encountered this problem, please share your tips.