CubeOrange UI modification

Hi team i am using QGC stable V4.2, and I am using cube orange as my bootloader, I want to edit code for cubeorange where I want to remove firmware, parameter and flightmode from sidebar, is it possible and how and which line to be comment from project structure of QGC???

If you use MissionPlanner there is a simple option to obscure access to making changes

As far as I know there is no similar option in QGC.
The next step is to actually make some parameters read only - modify QGC

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You are confusing a couple of things.

First: if you want to disable some features on the Cube Orange firmware, use to build the firmware for you. The firmware itself doe not have a UI.

Second: if you want to change QGroundControl’s UI you will need to configure it and/or change it’s source code and recompile it.

One and two are very different things!
You might want to do both. I do not know, your explanations are very lacking.


Actually when we in QGC their is option to connect bootloader to it when after connecting bootloader such as cubeorange the UI is different for cubeorange, I am talking about that, I want to edit that.

Not sure what you mean - the bootloader connection is just for updating firmware.
Once properly connected the parameters and some of the calibration/setup screens change based on whether you are using PX4 or Ardupilot firmware.

Like this is normal UI of QGC after runnig from QT creator

And this the UI after connecting cubeorange, I want to edit the sidebar of this, hope thats clear now, how can I achieve that

QGC is defaulting to that view because the items in red are not configured.
Have you followed through on all mandatory configuration?

I understand, I will do configuration later I just want the source code for the sidebar of this.

I just tried myself, and QGC stays in the map/Fly screen for a configured autopilot.
It immediately switches to the screen you show if there any non-configured items.

Now I’ve got to try and fix drivers, because some of my autpilots are not recognised since installing QGC :frowning:

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I just want to edit the Sidebar items, I just want sidebar code, could you provide me source file for sidebar.

Its all there in github and there’s even a link to the developer docs that gives an over view of how it works.
I doubt you would be able to just modify the sidebar in isolation, but give it a go and let us know how you get on.

Try this:

Actually I am new to the embedded c and QGC, and I have gone through the developers guide, but couldn’t find the reference of the sidebar code, could you just give me the file location for sidebar I just have to comment somethings over their