CubeOrange RevB bootloader (product id 1017

Got a CubeOrange recently. The bootloader identifies with Hex_ProfiCNC_CubeOrangeRevB and USB product ID 1017.

The ardupilot AP_Bootloader master branch does not have a board type which would allow to compile the bootloader with this product ID. So is this bootloader proprietary and/or where can I get the bootloader binary (I don’t have a need right now to replace / reflash it), this is just a theoretical question. Or is it safe to flash the 1016 bootloader (but probably not, otherwise why would there be a new product id).

Missionplanner has a commit which adds the 1017 product ID to the windows USB drivers, but the ardupilot tree itself has nothing related to 1017. When installing the CubeOrange firmware, then the board identifies as 1016 of course.

Also I haven’t found a good documentation on what the differences are between the original CubeOrange and Rev B. Is it the changed carrier board with the ADS-B (but the the carrier board should not really be relevant to the bootloader!?).