CubeID setup and use

Does anyone have better documentation on how to setup and use the CubeID? The video linked in the hardware manual ( assumes a lot of knowledge, assumes you already have a lot of development tools installed, and shows the name of pornography at about 6:51 in the list of downloaded files. Surely the community can make better documentation and explain what is necessary to use this product. I have wasted hours trying to understand how to program one of these modules and feel I am no closer to actually being able to use one. I purchased six of them and think the only flying they are going to do is to the trash bin.

Sure, why not. Maybe get $5 for them on eBay.

I agree with most of your sentiment above, though the video you linked is pretty comprehensive (and apparently embarrassing…doh…). However, it’s my understanding that this particular product from CubePilot is marketed more toward OEMs than individual users due to the complexity of configuration.

At a slightly higher cost, the module linked below is fully standalone and should work without the headache. I have not yet used one, but it’s what I would try before tackling the complexity that you’re encountering.


Does anyone have more info or a better guide? Can you point me to more about building the firmware? I found a document/video before somewhere in the Ardupilot ecosystem that covered the PGP keys, making the build and setting it to be tamper proof, but cannot find it anywhere today. The CubeID video assumes you have/know all of these items.

Possibly Creating Tamperproof Firmware — Dev documentation and/or OpenDroneID — Dev documentation.

If I had one of the modules I’d give writing docs a shot, but I don’t really have a use case for them.

Would you like me to send you one?

I’m located in Germany, unless you’re nearby it would probably cost as much for shipping as I’d pay for a new module :confused: