CubeBlack and CubePurple failed to Boot

Hey @rmackay9 @proficnc @tridge
Today I was flying CubeBlack on couple of aircrafts and when I connect power, Cube got stuck at boot. Buzzer just went “Beep” and cube failed to boot. I have experienced this before in AC3.6.12 before and it was very rare. Today it happened couple of times in an hour. These cubes are currently running AC4.0.3.
And I was testing latest beta on CubePurple. It happened once with Purple too.

Have you looked at the Vcc value in the log?
I have experienced similar when the flight controller Vcc is trying to power too many power hungry peripherals.
The 900Mhz radios we use are the main culprits as they can, on full power, draw 740mA, which is way too much to draw from the Vcc.

Hey! I’ll share the screen shot of Vcc. It’s pretty stable. All I have connected is Here2(with LEDs off), secondary GPS, and 100mW telemetry.
When it happened on CubePurple, all that it had was Here2. Rest everything was Herelink Air unit with external 10V power.

This is the Vcc data.