Cube Yellow Bdshot failed to boot

I have a cube yellow on copter 4.3.6 bdshot with mini carrier board that seems to boot very oddly. When I plugged in the 4S battery I never got an initialization as I did not hear the ESC make their noise or my GPS/FC give normal LED/ audible melodies like it has before. This was using RFD900x base and RFD900ux air side. I have no issues getting a connection via sik radio (load settings) they both are connected so this is not a radio issue. I noticed my GPS light was not on so I unplugged the battery and re-plugged it in and this is when I heard the ESC initialize and my gps now has the correct lights as well as the FC give its correct audible boot melody. the only thing I did different from the first time, was I had left the USB plugged into the FC but nothing on the other end was connected (just left the usb plugged into the cube and nothing on the other end). So I took the USB out and re-plugged in the battery and everything worked the second time. connection via RFD fine and esc and FC made their melodies like normal. This is not the first time I have seen this happen with cube yellow. It also seems quite a bit slower to boot compared to my cube black, orange, pixracer, pixracer pro, OG pixhawk and orange+ or any other FC I have. has anyone else ever noticed this before? I have set log_disarm to 1 now just to hopefully capture something but doubtful it will as it seems to be on initialization. It just seems the initialization for cube yellow is very slow compared to others.

Try setting
to let peripherals boot up before the flight controller.
I’ve also had weird things happen probably form the sparks and interference of connecting the battery, now I always use the boot delay setting.

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so this boot issue is a matter of peripherals and nothing to do with the cube itself?

Mostly the boot delay was introduced to allow CAN devices to boot and be ready so they could be discovered and assigned an address on the CAN bus as soon as the flight controller had finished booting, but it also seems to help with the ignoring sparks and interference from connecting the battery.
There is no detriment to setting it even if you dont have CAN devices.