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Cube Pilot No Com Port, No Boot Chime, Orange Light

Hey guys I have a problem. Just bought a Cube Pilot Orange brand new and when I plug it in it does nothing except turn on an orange light. I’ve bought Orange cubes before and as soon as I plug it in out of the box I get the chime and can connect via MP. Does anyone know how to diagnose/fix it. Thanks

They now come with no firmware on board at all. You will need to installed the latest drivers for mission planner and make sure you are using the latest mission planner stable release and upload firmware.

You can also manually download the version you want from the downloads.

More info here

Any issues post back.

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Thanks for the reply. So I am getting the Cube being recognized by my “Windows 10 Device Manager” as “COM 6 Cube Orange”. The issue is that when I try to connect it to update/flash the firmware using Mission Planner it does not connect to MP. Is there any settings or maybe another software i can use for the initial software install?

Since there is no firmware on the Cube there is no Mavlink connection to be made yet. Select the correct COM port in the drop down in the top right. Go to Setup>Install Firmware in Mission Planner and click on the firmware that you want to install. After that is done there should now be a firmware running on the Cube and clicking connect in the top right will start a Mavlink connection.

Check out for more details.

Also make sure you have the latest drivers on board too. Very important step.

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