Cube orange - servovoltage is not detected

I just noticed that the servovoltage of the cube orange does not seem to be detected. I have connected a parachute to the servo output and supply the pin header externally with 5V. The servovoltage is 0V.
Up to now I have always used the Piixhawk 3 pro, and everything was ok. Can anyone confirm that there is a problem with the cube orange or have I forgotten a setting?

That is probably not really servo voltage anymore. On the old pixhawk 1, that was the case. On the cube, the secondary power comes from the Power 2 input. Power from the servo rail is not fed into the FMU.

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, it is not the case that the power from the Power-2 input is the servovoltage.
Power at the Power-2 input is not fed into the servo rail.

I know. I’m suggesting that the servo rail power is probably not something you’re going to see reported anywhere. I’m suggesting that what is on the screen titled servovoltage is probably actually the Power 2 input on a cube. The servo rail power is only connected to the IOMCU.

I fed own 5V voltage to the Power 2 input of the cube but the screen “servovoltage” shows nothing.
“servovoltage” is the voltage at the servo rail of the Drotek Pixhawk 3 Pro.
With the cube orange this does not seem to be the case.

OK. Like I said, the servo rail power is NOT connected to the FMU. So that voltage is not going to be read in any case on a cube.

ServoVoltage is working fine for me, CubeOrange, Copter master, MP 1.3.7

@iampete Do you have the ads-b carrier board?


yep, coincidentally i’m now messing with a rover using cube Orange and standard/old carruir now and its working there also, on master again tho.

You sure you should have some voltage? its quite possible with opto ESC’s on a copter that there is no voltage.

I guess it’s the ads-b carrier board.

I am sure that I have a voltage, I feed in via a pololu 5V.

sorry, I was un-clear, its working for me on both normal and ADSB carrier. I guess measure the rails then try master. It is also possible you have changes your stream rates and that is just not getting sent back, check the on-board log.

sorry, I don’t know what to do exactly?

first, look in a dataflash log at POWR.VServo. If its not there measure it with a multimeter to double check.

I’ve already done that. Voltage I checked with a multimeter and the servo for the parachute works too.
Here is the last log file

yeah its not working in the log, duno what else to suggest.

forgotten any settings?

nobody has any ideas anymore?

I couldnt see anything particularly odd in your .bin file, and there’s practically 0v recorded as Servo voltage in the log.
Vcc looks reasonable though.

Maybe a close up pic of what you’ve got plugged in to all the main and aux outputs?