Cube orange Question

Im considering purchasing a cube orange for a DIY quad , I have an Radiolink rc radio with a S-Bus receiver and not sure where the s- bus is plugged in on the cube , can’t find documentation on it, There is RCIN pinout and a SBus pinout on the cube , on the old pixhawk i have i use the RCIN pinout , Which one should i use on the Orange Cube


It’s the one labeled RC In :slight_smile:

Thanks Matt, I have limited experience with Quads and Pixhawks Guess I’m some what of a newbie at this stuff, just watched a lot of YouTube vids but there not a lot of them on the cubes yet,

Regarding the power sources, will the power module that I use on my older Pixhawk version will that power module work on the cube I think its 90 amps and I will be using 4 ESC with a 5v linear BEC on them, should all be plugged in with all the Red wires on the RC pin outs or only one Red Wire on just one and the ground and signals wires on all plug in, I only used one red wire on the older version and added a zener diode to

Help protect system, is that still needed on the cube orange,

Thanks for your help

The connectors on the carrier for the Cube are different than the old pixhawks. When you buy the cube and carrier set, it comes with the cables and a power monitor.

You don’t actually need any power supplied to the Main and Aux outputs unless you need to power some other device via a normal 3 wire servo cable. It’s probably good planning though, and with your ESCs plug in only one red wire to the Main Out + rail so they are not fighting with each other. Terminate the spare ones with heat shrink.
Even if you do connect a BEC (ESC red wire) to the Main or Aux outputs it wont provide any redundancy though - you need a second power brick (or good BEC) plugged into the Power2 port. You could use your old power brick for that but you’d need to adjust it’s wiring to suit the new connector style.

Does having two power ports mean you need to use 2 batteries for the board but one of the two is connected to the ESC via PDB, not quite sure about that second power port, and do I even have to use a second battery?

If there are any websites, documentation or tutorials that you could recommend that would be great

Again thanks for the help


You don’t have to use 2 batteries, you can just have 2 power bricks and current sensors for redundancy of those components.
If you do want 2 batteries for redundancy then you need something like a quad X8 and power the upper and lower motors separately. Battery sharing devices are prohibitively expensive at the currents usually involved.

I want to use my older PM because it is 90amp sensor , would you know wiring configuration to use on a cube 2.1

Thats ‘SBUSo’ - for sbus OUT. Used for a gimbal control signal, for example.