Cube Orange Plus Not bootup

i have New Cube Orange + flight controller which is not boot up after successful firmware update…i can able to upload all firmware like Arducopter and Arduplane but when i try to connect with mission planner its does not connect with GCS .
mission still able to show the comport as Cube orange + mavlink , I have selected correct comport on the laptop .
video here:CUBE ORANGE +.mp4 - Google Drive

did you try another laptop?

NO i didn’t tried other laptop …while seeing autopilot LED status its not complete the boot process.

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I’m uncertain that there is USB port’s power problem, but I recommend you to try another laptop if that is available

tried another one but that didn’t help to solve the issue.

I also faced this problem. It climbed when adding Lua scripts to the firmware. And if you just add another script file to the firmware, it can work without problems. The same scripts for CUAV-Nora and CubeOrange(not plus) in the same variant work without problems. I think the problem with the firmware assembly system for the CubeOrangePlus.
The same problem occurs when adding a bootloader, and after assembling firmware the CubeOrangePlus is not booted as well.